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2.1 Voice output   
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BCS-2 (now) contains a windows-based speech output. It reads out the functions of the application as well as OCR results. Configurable are pitch, speed and volume. 

Reference: RM#2293

2.2 Connection WideTEK44/48-600  
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At the customer’s request, the large format scanners from ImageAccess of the type WT44/48-600 were integrated into BCS-2. 

Reference: RM#3608

2.3 BCS-2 Upload to and download from MyBib eDoc via http(s).  
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By using HTTPS when downloading from and uploading to MyBib eDoc, we bypass file size limitations when transferring files between systems. Larger uploads are processed sequentially in multiple parts. 

Reference: RM#3616

2.4 Transfer of bookmarks and metadata to PDF files  
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PDF files and searchable PDFs created with Tesseract can be configured with indexes via the “Transfer Destinations” tab so that BCS-2 automatically transfers following metadata to the PDF file:  

  • Title  
  • Author  
  • Subject  
  • Keywords  
  • Application  

Note for ABBYY: For ABBYY, the following metadata can be used in the OCR engine of BCS-2:  

  •  Author (Content.Author)  
  • Creator (Content.Creator)  
  • Keywords (Content.Keywords)  
  • Subject (Content.Subject) 

Reference: RM#3463, RM#3574

2.5 “Search for” within a job  
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Using the shortcut “CTRL + F” it is possible to search for content within a job in BCS-2. This requires an OCR result. Found matches are marked yellow in BCS-2.

Reference: RM#2498