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Our core business is the development of solutions for document delivery, ILL and mass digitisation mainly for libraries. We cover all activities to provide customers with individually customized solutions, such as installation, programming and support. As far as we know, we are the only company in Europe, which cover “both ends” of the order fulfilment: the workflow for order fulfilment, connecting to existing systems and the scanning, which is an essential part to fulfil orders.

Main products

BCS-2 is an application for scanning. It supports a wide range of scanners and cameras. Additional features are indexing, post processing of images and OCR. BCS-2 connects a wide range of Scanners to Library-Systems as ALEPH, ALMA, OCLC PICA, SunRise and ILL/Document-Delivery Systems as MyBib eDoc, subito, ILLiad, Odysee and in former times ARIEL.

C-3 Plus is an application for semiautomatic title-indexing of periodicals like journals and serials. Application works on the basis of scanned Table of Contents (TOC). Output is with app. 200-250 articles/h more than 10 times faster than manual indexing. Data is supplied as MARC21.XML and/or native PICA-Format.

MyBib eDoc is a web-based workflow-system for different library services with a broad range of interfaces to fit into the libraries’ technical landscape. Supported services are “scan on demand” applications like ILL, document delivery, catalogue enrichement, campus delivery services or projects of mass digitalisation in libraries for Google Books. MyBib eDoc supports national and international ILL. Nearly all German supplier libraries for OCLC-WorldShare use MyBib eDoc to fulfill orders from OCLC-WorldShare.

MyBib eL is a solution to provide content which is protected by different legal rights according to the implying property and copyright rules. Reasons to protect content or limited access could be copyrights, licence-contracts between with publisher/authors and/or censored/graded material (Remota). In Europe the US legal concept of “fair use”, which is the legal basis for OCLCs article exchange, doesn´t fit in general. Additionally, each Nation has its specific national copyright laws. To cover this typical European requirement MyBib eL had been developed as a platform to cover the different legal constraints by nation and application. Main application is supplying copies for the international ILL with OCLC-WorldShare.

MyBib TOX is a service and data pool of more than three Million TOCs (Table of Contents) and ten million pages. The TOCs cover scientific titles since year 2000 from all over the world. Main languages are German, English, Spanish beside more than 20 other languages. Each TOC is available as source format tiff, searchable PDF, plain OCR-Text. 70% of the titles have an ISBN and all titles are linked to a catalogue entry in one of the German and SWISS union catalogues. The other 30% is are mainly “grey literature” or thesis without an ISBN.

Main purpose of MyBib TOX is catalogue enrichment.  Libraries are offered an “availability service” to add catalogue/discovery systems with TOCs of new incoming titles and adding TOC to older titles.  Libraries, which produce their own TOCs, get a sophisticated service “duplicate control” for their workflow to avoid scanning and OCR of titles which are already available in MyBib TOX.


Beside developers we have librarians. Our developers are in the library market for more than 20 years, so “library” language and procedures are quite common, with the exception that “no library is like the other”.  Development department cover development of the server applications  (MyBib eDoc, MyBib eL) for Linux, PHP, Apache, Tomcat, JAVA, JavaScript, and client/standalone applications (BCS-2, C-3) in C, C++ for Windows 10. After implementation the solutions are supported and trained by our support team, which supports customers by mail, phone/hotline and remote access.