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in short “TV” is a desktop sharing software that allows third parties to “dial in” to their PC via a secure connection. This software is suitable for remote maintenance purposes and for presentations.

No software is installed, only a small file is executed. This file allows, after a one-time password has been given, to replay your desktop on another PC.

A TV session can be disconnected from both sides at any time. Nevertheless, it is possible to follow which changes are made by the support or which files are viewed. It is also possible to transfer files via TV. The TV can be run on any major software platform (e.g. MS Windows, Linux, or Mac OS).

After a successful session, the program can be removed from the computer at any time.

Link to the ImageWare TeamViewer Download

It is often difficult to explain software configurations over the phone or to find an easy to understand manual. Often the support team has to make expensive trips to change a very simple setting. This is where the TV helps: By “connecting” directly to your PC, our support can view your settings without having to be on site.

To use TeamViewer, load the file into any directory on your PC and then execute the file. In doing so, TeamViewer will generate an ID, which you should tell us by phone. We can use this ID to dial into your PC.