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MyBib eL® for Digital Copies Protected by the Copyright Act

The system offers the possibility to digitally provide a variety of media copyright compliant.

MyBib eL® protects both the rights holder and the users against data misuse. A variety of authentication and authorisation processes permit the user to legally access the contents of digital collections, (text)books, journals, contracts, plans and other sensitive documents. MyBib eL®, as an electronic reading room, meets the legal requirements of § 60a-e of the German copyright law.

With MyBib eL®, sensitive content that is not subject to copyright can also be put to controlled use (e.g. colonial content, propaganda writings).

Benefits and features of the MyBib eL copyright application

Secure provision of data

  • no local data storage – all relevant information is stored on the server of the owning institution
  • compressed and encrypted data transmission
  • no standard format for the display of the images
  • all activated workstations are checked and authorized by the server
  • temporary access to digital copies (eg. copies from campus delivery services)

Access control

  • access for authorized users on the premises of the institution at dedicated electronic reading stations
  • compliance with the requirements acc. § 60e German copyright law (in terms of access control, workstations, download and print possibilities, among others)
  • synchronization mechanisms between MyBib eL® and the library system to compare the electronic accesses

User comfort

  • display of structural information in the viewer for navigation support
  • full text search
  • viewer component with continuous zoom and wide-ranging display optimisation possibilities
Added value of the MyBib eL copyright application
  • permanent availability of each title
  • electronic copy of missing, orphaned or misplaced copies
  • access to non-circulating titles (unique, reference stock)
  • convenient access through call up from the OPAC and from subject portals (links to MyBib eL®)
  • provision of usage statistics on different levels
  • no physical output of the medium, elimination of shelving time
  • elimination of replacement costs
  • minimisation of bookbinding costs
  • ensuring the intrinsic value of “defective books”
  • security from being destroyed and “graffiti”
  • quick online access to information!
Technical background of MyBib eL copyright application
  • modern search engine technology to research within the MyBib eL®
  • easy software distribution through Java technology
  • automatic software component updates
Advanced use/access possibilities for MyBib eL

For the provision of copies, which are not subject to copyright, there are print and download options. The access privileges of the user groups can be coordinated through the graduated rights management.

Applications of MyBib eL copyright application (extract)
  • University Library of the University of Greifswald: electronic reading room for textbooks
  • Thuringian University and State Library Jena: electronic reading room for textbooks
  • Bavarian States Library Munich: delivery component for international Interlibrary loan
  • Göttingen State and University Library: delivery component for international Interlibrary loan
  • ZBW German National Library of Economics Hamburg and Kiel: delivery component for international Interlibrary loan
  • Olympia Verlag, Nuremberg: electronic reading room for kicker-subscribers