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Die MyBib eL® Application for Digital copies without Access Restrictions

is a solution for the presentation of digital collections and individual electronic documents, which are not subjected to the copyright act or other access regulations.

In the MyBib eL® application for digital copies without access restrictions; i.e. digital collections and electronic documents, which are not subjected to copyright or other access regulations; access rights, such as extended read, print and download options can be assigned flexibly.

An OCR processing of the digital copies improves the findability of relevant documents and increases access to unique collections or valuable unique pieces. Benefits and features of the MyBib eL® solution are described in detail here. These are adapted to the user requirements.

<a href=”#Application_sample_of_the_MyBib_eL_"open application"”> Application sample of the MyBib eL “open application”</a>

Every EMMA (a political magazine completely run by women) issue from the first edition in 1977 up to now is digitised! Every single edition of the approximately 300 issues can now be found in the EMMA reading room. As of September 15th, 2011 scientist, media and interested people have free access to EMMA. Even editions which are no longer available, like the first edition from 1977, are once again accessible and searchable as full texts. A journey through important socio-cultural and political debates of the last 30 years is possible by browsing and keyword-based searching the EMMA issues.

For Alice Schwarzer, the founder of the journal, this was a politically motivated decision, because:” If you have no history, you don´t have a future. EMMAdigital is a project against oblivion and for the future.”

Link to the EMMA electronic reading room