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Stocking Presentation Systems with MyBib eDoc®

MyBib eDoc® controls the workflow for making digitised textbook material available on learning platforms or e-key text systems. Therefore, learning content is made available to a defined group of users for a limited period of time.


By linking the OPAC to MyBib eDoc®, lecturers can easily order the reading material to be digitised for a course from the university library. MyBib eDoc® controls the digitisation order “in the background” and automatically sends feedback to the lecturers as soon as the order is completed and set.

The automated MyBib eDoc® application relieves lecturers of the burden of setting up digital semester apparatus and ensures traceability, savings and security.

By integrating the library, the available and documented e-resources can also be integrated into the course of business quickly and in a high quality. Therefore, not only the time-consuming and personnel-intensive scanning is eliminated, but also the associated energy expenditure and time delay for fetching and sorting back the titles from/into the magazine.

Any necessary clearing and documentation work for accounting purposes is very easy for library staff to monitor, as the data required for VG-Wort accounting can be output via MyBib eDoc® Reporting.


TU Munich: MyBib eDoc® Moodle application with connection to central campus management