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is a newly designed scan software for automating and unifying digitisation processes. BCS-2® simplifies the quality-conscious digitisation of bound, printed or graphic materials.

The workflow and the user interface of the scan software can be adapted to the respective requirements. BCS-2® is modular and supports the functions of the certified scanner models.

The scan software enables automated, optionally manual, post processing of scans on external workstations, detached from the scanners. Images can be seamlessly integrated into the workflow management system MyBib eDoc® or in the electronic presentation platform MyBib eL®.


Illustration: Example of a BSC-2® Professional interface with OCR editor in a TEST workflow using Tesseract. (Original: „Alpine Flowers”, by L. and Prof. Dr. C. Schröter, Zurich Albert Raustein)

Applications areas

  • service scanning with indexing, post processing and quality assurance
  • digitisation in libraries, archives and public institutions


  • intuitive to use through customisable user interface and self-explanatory buttons
  • workflows tailored to the application
  • modular and scalable

Features and functions

  • automatic and manual post-processing functions (optional as batch process)
  • ImagePlus: automatic deskew + crop + rotation in one function
  • automatic segmentation
  • crop of multiple segments of a digital copy (multicrop) with production of single images
  • use and change of different OCR engines (ABBYY and Tesseract) within a job
  • zonal text recognition
  • freely configurable and multilingual user interface
  • clear display of all jobs with job information and image preview
  • flexible job and page indexing for generating meta- and structural data
  • connectivity to third party systems, such as MyBib eDoc®, MyBib eL®, Goobi, VZG i.a.
  • stable 24/7 use


BCS-2® workflows depict clearly defined business procedures and applications. These are composed of for example job and page index, OCR, meta- and structural data and the transfer to third party system and/or applications which can directly process the data. BCS-2® Professional users can define workflows themselves or let them be defined by service providers or select from a pool of predefined standard workflows. Typical applications are:

  • national, international and campus internal document delivery
  • catalogue enrichment
  • collection and retro digitisation
  • mass digitisation
  • delivery to presentation systems (MyBib eL®/Goobi)
  • delivery to e-learning platforms

Order management

  • integrated order management, administration and export as well as (re-) import of orders
  • adaption to own requirements through self-definable order types
  • definition of order indexes for metadata capture, export formats, naming rules and filing folders in profiles by the user
  • post processing, printing and deleting orders
  • insert and delete of individual images within a job
BCS-2 Professional Oberflaeche_Multicrop

Illustration 1: BCS-2® Professional multicrop (define and cut multiple segments in a digital copy)

BCS-2 Professional Oberflaeche Segmente ermitteln

Illustration 2: BCS-2® detect individual segments

BCS-2 Professional Oberflaeche Segmente_neue Images

Illustration 3: BCS-2® insert detected segments as new images

Technical information

  • operation: touch screen, mouse, keyboard
  • storage formats: PDF, TIFF, MTIFF, JPEG
  • output: USB, hard disk (server), e-mail, print
  • configuration: surface according to customer requirements, language
  • installation requirements: Windows10/11, 4/8GB of RAM, screen > 17 inches

BCS-2® Professional Report in BITonline_EN

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