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is a scan software with a broad range of applications and easy to use post processing functions. It supports a variety of scanners and workflows.

A clear and intuitive user interface makes digitising various material, from simple documents such as invoices and delivery slips, over bound material to large cards, easy. In connection with digital cameras, paintings and three-dimensional objects can also be digitised and enriched with corresponding object data.

BCS-2® Office enables an easy and optionally automated integration and processing of both newly created and imported scans into workflows. The results can be exported in the default TIFF, PNG, JPEG and PDF formats. It is also possible to directly forward the data via MS Outlook or similar.

illustration: BCS-2® Office user interface with scan

Connection to scanners, digital cameras and multifunction devices

Via a TWAIN interface flatbed, document, overhead scanners as well as modern digital copiers which possess a TWAIN driver (Version 2.3) can be operated with BCS-2® Office. For some scanners with specific manufacturer- features as well as selected digital cameras, special plugins are available.

Application areas


  • post processing of newly created and imported scans
  • image indexing
  • document delivery
  • national and international interlibrary loan e.g. OCLC WorldShare
  • catalogue enrichment for monographs and periodicals
  • scan client for MyBib®– applications in academic libraries


  • integration of cameras into the workflow for “object acquisition”
  • collection of metadata for the picture and transfer to the object database

Company / Administration

  • scan of incoming invoices, files and lab journals
  • press reviews and press evaluation
  • retro-conversion of old stocks
  • intuitive operation through self-explanatory icons/button
  • application-specific configurable interface
  • multilingual interface allowing additional languages with Arabic, Cyrillic and Asian characters
  • short installation and training times

All BCS-2® Office data is stored locally. There is no automatic data transfer/storage, no updating or reading of operating data in the background. The control of all data remains with the user.

Functions (Abstract)
  • “ImagePlus”: automatically corrects the reading direction, the skew and clips black boarders
  • image parameter: virtual “rescan”, for the adaption of image parameters to create a new image without a new scan
  • unicode, IPv6 support, Windows 7, 8.1, 10

illustration: BCS-2® Office , Function „Image-Parameter” (Source: „Liebesfrühling“ F. Rückert, Sauerländer Verlag Frankfurt/Main)

Options and Upgrade Possibilities

The basic functions of BCS-2® Office can be expanded as needed. Possible options:

  • Clear order management with the “JobSuite”
    • An order is created for each scan job so that an overview of all scan jobs directly via the user interface is possible.
    • Each job can be indexed, e.g. invoice/contract number, ISBN/ISSN, etc.
  • Simple indexing and structuring with the “IndexSuite”
    • indexing on chapter and page levels
    • structural data acquisition for a digital image, e.g. for books (book cover, table of contents, chapters 1 to x) or the administration (contract, appendix 1 to x, correspondence)
  • Quick creation of full texts with the “OCR Suite”
    • Digitised data is completely processed via OCR as full text.
    • With the “zonal OCR” texts can be transferred via “drag & drop” into index fields.
  • Good working ergonomics through customizable user interface
    • Individual plugins are available for some scanners and digital cameras without standard drivers and interfaces (USB/RJ45/TWAIN) or scanners with additional functions (for example, operation via scanner panel or book cradle control). This allows special device functions to be integrated into the user interface
User manuals and technical descriptions

On our documentation site you will find manuals and further documentation to our software solutions. These structured reference books will help you to use the software, provide answers to questions and help to optimize the application in your surroundings.

This link leads to the documentation website.