Bonn - 23.05.2024
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Our scan and post-processing client BCS-2 is constantly being developed further. With the new release, we have optimized the following function blocks in addition to a number of smaller improvements:

For faster Quality Control in the digitization center – integration of a preview for selected scanners to check the scan quality during data transfer

For improved OCR – integration of Tesseract version 5.3

Additional scanners were connected in 64-bit mode: RICOH- /FI-, Avision and InoTec-Scamax scanners were connected via 64-bit. This provides a range of small to high-performance scanners and overhead scanners.

Higher throughput for JPEG2000 creation – integration of multithreading to fully utilize the performance of PCs with 4,6,8 cores.

The complete scope of services can be found in the release notes, see

Customers with a BCS-2 Office/Professional V6.4 and maintenance contract will receive the upgrade to V6.6 free of charge. For delivery please send an informal mail with your BCS-2 license number to