Your complete solution for digitalization and preservation of cultural assets.

We develop sustainable software solutions for creating, managing, delivering and presenting digital copies. We understand complexity and create corresponding automated workflows. For nearly 20 years. With passion and expertise while taking the legal requirements into account.

What do our software solutions currently provide?

Scans p.m. with BCS-2® scan station
1 Mio
Pages in ONE MyBib® reading room/presentation system
2.8 Mio
Tables of contents recorded with MyBib®
Various language interfaces for the BCS-2® scan software


BCS-2® Office - a new product!

BCS-2® Office is a scan software with a broad range of applications and easy to use post processing functions. It… »

Scan software BCS-2® manages overhead- and microfilm scanners in the National Library of Luxembourg

Optimising of scanner connections and coupling to billing/payment systems Recently the scan software BCS-2® Express, designed for self service areas,… »

BCS-2® Classic: New Release 3.10 available

Combined basic post-processing functions with the touch of a button and optimized scanner connections The for more than 20 years… »

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