1. ISBN-Availability Test System TOX 1.0
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With the service ISBN-Availability Test System you are able to check, if a digital copy of a table of content is already available in our TOX 1.0 database. The  search parameter is the ISBN.


To check the availability, first you have to select an ISBN number out of your pick list and enter the ID. The ISBN number can be searched as a single string (e.g. 9781781886915) or separated by hyphens (e.g. 978-1-78188-691-5). You will directly receive a feedback from the program if a digital copy is available or not. If the availability check was successful, the matching hit with the PDF and OCR data file will be offered to download or to display.


The test system only processes ISBN-13, while ‘old’ ISBN-10 requests are ignored, because new generated scan jobs will normalize all ISBN-10 data!


 Hint: This service is based exclusively on digital copies, which were generated in catalogue-enrichment projects. That’s why other digital copies (e.g. LoC, Thieme …) can’t be checked.     

Please follow the link to get on the ISBN-Availability Test System.