3. Features and Improvements  
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3.1 Delete line breaks caused by copy and paste  
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BCS-2 automatically removes line breaks created by copying and pasting text into indexes, for example when copying and pasting data from a catalog. If the index is part of the file name or the storage path, included line breaks will result in the affected file not being saved. 

Reference: RM#3552

3.2 SFTP settings: Key authorization  
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Due to increasing IT security requirements, we have implemented authentication via key pairs for uploads and downloads in SFTP.  This allows SSH authentication to be configured in the transfer targets of the workflows via key pair. The procedure is currently one of the most secure and simplifies the logon to the SFTP server, since logon name and password no longer need to be kept.  

Reference: RM#3667

3.3 “Save as” functions  
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The “Save As” function was previously available in the “File” menu and the “Image” menu. The function in the “File” menu saved all images of a job, the one in the “Image” menu only the selected one. In the new version, both these functions are merged in the “File” menu:  

  • “Save as”: saves all images of a job.  
  • “Save current image as”: Saves the marked image.  

Reference: RM#1769

3.4 Full screen mode via short cut  
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BCS-2 activates or deactivates the full screen mode via “CTRL +K”. 

Reference: RM#3697