4. Bugfixes
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4.1 Remove OCR line breaks  
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BCS-2 now automatically removes line breaks that occur when OCR runs are transferred to C-3 Plus results. BCS-2 transferred these to XML and JASON files, so that these formats were no longer valid. 

Reference: RM#3551

4.2 BCS-2 inverts images after scanning  
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If the functions “Toggle Deskew after Scan” and “Toggle Black Border Remove after Scan” were enabled, BCS-2 inverted the images after a BCS-2 restart. The bug is fixed.  

Reference: RM#3631

4.3 Keep current display type when navigating  
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Despite the setting ” The last selected view setting is retained even after navigating to the next image. “, BCS-2 resets the setting when moving to the next image. The bug is fixed, BCS-2 keeps the selected view setting.   

Reference: RM#2461