2. Basic
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2.1 Use the Original File Name as a Name During File Transfer 
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At a request of Kitodo users BCS-2 now offers the possibility to use the original file name as the destination file name in the transfer destinations. The transfer of the original file name is integrated user-friendly by clicking on a button. 

2.2 Additional Pre- and Post-Scanning Operations 
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New features before scanning: 

  • Perform masking 
  • Multimask 
  • Perform page splitting 

New feature after scanning: 

  • Endorser (as an additional module for a fee): The endorser allows you to place watermarks on the images.

The new functions are available in the “Scan” tab.

2.3 New Submenu under “Help” for Additional Languages 
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In the Help menu, BCS-2 now contains another menu item for additional languages. Currently Italian is available as an additional language. We are successively adding further languages. 

2.4 Additional Image Features 
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BCS-2 now contains the following additional image functions under the menu item “further functions”: 

  • Unsharp masking 
  • Extract: Barcode 
  • Extract: Text Lines
  • Extract: Text Blocks
  • Optimize Image for OCR  
  • Filter Grayscale 
  • Find Page Foreground 
  • Clean Image Background
  • Find Bookfold
  • Remove ringbinder holes  
  • Extract Regions(only images) 
  • Extract Regions (images and text blocks) 
  • Otsu binariziation
  • Sauvola binariziation 

2.5 Transfer of Variables into the Editor, when Using the Code Examples 
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When using the editor with the code examples, BCS-2 accepts the selected variables in the correct notation with $ signs. 

2.6 Start at the Scanner 
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“Start at Scanner” is no longer available in the “Scanner” menu. In the “General Administration” this setting is moved to the tab “Archive”. We no longer maintain this function since BCS-2 version 6.2. Instead, we recommend starting via BCS-2 or using a USB foot switch or ScanPads.