2. Basic Settings
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Enable Server-Moda: Application can be remotely controlled via HTTP-Requests: BCS-2 opens a network connection. The control of BCS-2 e.g. via a touch panel is now possible.

Port for the connection: The default port is 7777 and is preset.

Filde to display product- and customer-related help: Enter the paths to the product-specific and/or customer-specific help that is available to the user via the interface and the F1 key.

Use F1 to display customer related help: Enables calling up the help via the F1 key.

Export Settings: Creates a file with the settings of the BCS-2 installation. By default, BCS-2 saves this file with the file name “app_settings.cv6” in the folder C:ProgramDataImageWareComponentsBCS2_V6_64exports. It is possible to enter your own file names and locations.

Import Settings: Configures a BCS-2 installation according to the configuration settings stored in the selected cv6 file.

Save Settings: Creates a backup copy of the settings of the BCS-2 installation.

Restore Settings: Loads the settings saved via the “Create backup copy” button.