1. Preface
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1.1 BCS-2  Professional
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is a  software for automating and unifying digitisation processes. With BCS-2 Professional different Workflows can be created and configured.  Apart form the image processing the professional also offers possibilities for metadata enrichment through extensive indexing options.


The workflow and the user interface of the scan software can be adapted to the respective requirements. BCS-2 is modular and enables automated, optionally manual, post-processing of newly created as well as imported scans.

BCS-2 Professional supports a large number of scanners and workflows.

1.2 The Application
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BCS-2 Professional splits into two applications, BCS-2 Administrator and BCS-2 V6. In the BCS-2 Administrator all settings for the application are made. Via General Settings dialog in the Administration menu workflows and toolbars can be created and configured. Workflow or changes to a workflow or scanner settings can be directly checked within the BCS-2 Administrator.


The BCS-2 V6 application is intended for the user, to create, and edit jobs. The application differs in its scope of functions only through the administration area General Settings, which does not exist in the BCS-2® application. Additionally the user can select a toolbar configuration for the workflow, if toolbars were created and stored in the Administrator.


The job interface of the BCS-2 Administrator application, however, cannot be customized in this way.

1.3 Manuals
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Like the application the manuals for BCS-2 Professional are split. In the BCS-2 Administrator manual all configuration possibilities are explained, in the manual BCS-2 Professional Application the menus, post-processing and processing functions as well as the interface are explained.