3. Job Interface
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Job Interface with Default-Toolbar

By creating a new job or opening an existing job from the job list in the start screen, the BCS-2 job interface is opened.


The number of icons and position of the toolbar elements can be individually compiled in the BCS-2 Administrator and made available for the BCS-2 application. The arrangement of the toolbars can be determined by the user, provided that the toolbar configuration allows the moving of individual toolbar elements.


Beneath the Title bar, in which the BCS-2 version is displayed, the Menu bar can be found.



Every menu which  in the Menu bar is described in its own chapter within this manual.


The Toolbars are placed around the viewer. The toolbar configuration shown here is the default toolbar available after the BCS-2 installation.

Top Toolbar
Bottom Toolbar

The tool bars provide quick access to the most important functions. If the meaning of a button is not clear, you can move the mouse pointer over this button to display the description below the button. (Mouse-over effect)


The toolbars can be moved and placed individually. Through a right mouse click on a toolbar bar brings the list of Toolbar elements is displayed. Unnecessary toolbar elements can be hidden by removing the corresponding check mark.


With the exception of the mask functions, all functions provided in the toolbar can also be selected and activated via the menus. The functions are explained in the respective chapters, a brief description of the individual functions can be found in the BCS-2 Professional Overview Icons and Keyboard Shortcuts.

3.1 Image Viewer
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The work area can consist of two (one-screen view) or three parts (two-screen view) depending on the selected view option.

Display one image
Display two images

3.2 Thumbnail bar
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On the left side of the desktop is the thumbnail bar, in which the thumbnails of the currently open job are displayed. It is possible to navigate to an image in the job and display it in the viewer by clicking on its corresponding thumbnail. Deleting a thumbnail also deletes the corresponding image.


It is possible to select several thumbnails via CTRL and mouse-click in order to perform certain operations for the respective images (for example, rotate, split, delete).
Images can be moved via the thumbnail bar. For this purpose, the corresponding thumbnails is selected with a left-click (mouse button) and then dragged to a new position.


If the show tree representation beneath the thumbnail bar was activated for the workflow,  the preview bar is divided into two parts. In the upper part the preview images of the images are displayed, in the lower part the images are listed in a tree structure. The navigation and selection of an image can be done via both forms of representation. The tree structure can be used to record structural data for the job and to paginate the pages. (for further information see indexing manual (in progress).


3.3 Viewer
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In the viewer on the right side the current image is displayed. The active image has a blue frame so that the selected/active image can also be recognized in teh display two images view.  By right-clicking in the viewer, the image context menu with further post processing options is called up.