6. OCR
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6.1 Job Index controls
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  • Show OCR Editor in Job: The text editor is displayed to the right of the viewer. This is where the OCR results are displayed after an OCR run and can be edited. If the option is not active, the results after the OCR run will be displayed in a separate dialog, which must be closed before further processing can take place.
  • Assign OCR settings to each new job in this workflow: This option has no function at the moment
  • if OCR is performed for the entire page: override the internal OCR result and use it later for zoned OCR:During each OCR run BCS-2 writes the OCR results into an IWC-OCR DOC. If this option is active, the file is saved and can then be used as a basis for zonal OCR, so that no further OCR runs are necessary and the result can be extracted based on the context-sensitive page OCR
  • if available: for zoned OCR use the internal OCR result of the page: see above For zoned OCR an extra OCR run is not necessary, the results are extracted from the IWC-OCR Doc
  • User can assign the OCR text of a tile to an index:User can assign the OCR text of a tile to a previously defined index via the properties dialog of the areas. This function is especially useful for clipping information data enrichment e.g. in the context of press clipping
  • Automatically open the properties dialog of the area when the area is selected: The properties dialog of a pane does not need to be opened via the pane’s context menu, it opens as soon as the pane is clicked.

Target OCR settings for this workflow: This function is prepared but not yet implemented.

Change OCR settings, adopt from global OCR settings,

Apply the OCR settings of the current job,

Apply from the OCR settings of the current image

6.2 Language/Font
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If the function Set OCR language(s) via index is activated, the OCR attributes for language/text are set via job indexes.

In the fields

  • Script expression to determine the OCR language  
  • Script expression to determine the OCR text type 

the respective indexes are stored and used to select the attributes. In the dropdown list Select Index all indexes defined in the workflow are displayed and can be set automatically as script print

If the predefined index ISO639_3 is selected for the languages, the expression for the index must look as follows job.techIndex (Index Number)