7. E-mail Settings
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The tab Email Settings defines the email settings for the workflow which are applied when the user triggers the Email function via the menu item (menu File/Send Email) or the corresponding icon.

Subject: Email subject line, text and scripting expressions can be used to define a predefined subject text for each email. The default BCS-2 text (your PDF with t $job.numPages‘ pages) can be accessed by clicking on the „Default“ button.

Message: A text for emails can be defined in the input field. Text and scripting expressions can be used to create the text. The standard BCS-2 text (you will receive your PDF with $job.numPages$ pages attached to this e-mail) can be accessed via the „Standard“ button.

Sender/Recipient: Default recipient or sender can be defined here.

JPEG quality (100: best quality): At this point the JPEG quality of the images in the PDF is defined, where 100 stands for the highest quality. The default value is 75.

Maximum size in MB: Here you can define the maximum size allowed for an attachment.

Available formats: PDF/JPEG/TIFF/MTIFF/PNG by setting a check mark you can determine if and which output formats are available to the user. If more than one format is selected the user can decide which one he wants to use for the attachment of his mail.