2. Connection Bookeye®/WideTEK® Scanner in BCS-2
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For parallel network (Intranet/ Internet) and scanner operation, a second network card or a switch for the PC is required!

Adding and selecting scanners is done in the Scanner Settings menu of the BCS-2® Configurator.

In addition to scanner selection, the interaction of BCS-2® with the scanner at program start can be defined here:

  • Automatically open the last opened scanner at start
  • View the scanner’s message in the history
  • Show scanner selection in the toolbar
  • Automatically open saved scanner settings at startup

2.1 Add Bookeye Scanner to Scanner Selection
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The Add network scanner button opens the dialog for network scanners.


The overview list on the left side shows all configured network scanners. The following scanner information is provided if the scanner has already been scanned by BCS-2.

  • URL: IP address of the scanner
  • Name: Logical name of the scanner
  • Serial number: Serial number of the scanner
  • Scanner type: Official scanner designation
  • Description: Optional description


The Add button on the right side of the administration dialog opens the dialog for scanner acquisition.


In this dialog, the following information is entered for the respective scanner:

  • IP address or the host name: IP address of the scanner
  • Scanner Logical Name: The name is then displayed in the Scanner drop-down list along with the IP address.
  • Description: An optional description can be stored.

By closing the dialog with Ok, the new scanner is displayed in the Scanner Administration.


Check/edit scanner

To check or re-edit a scanner, it must first be selected and highlighted in the overview list of the administration dialog.


By clicking the button Edit, the dialogue for the scanner acquisition (see above) opens in which the deposited information can be adjusted or corrected.

With the button Check Scanner, the inputs and the connection of the respective scanner can be tested. When checking the scanner, BCS-2® retrieves additional scanner information such as serial number and serial type and makes it available in the overview list.


After exiting the scanner administration dialog via OK, the configured network scanners are listed in the Available Scanners list and can be added to the Selectable Scanners list.