3. Bookeye® 4 Plugin
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3.1 Firmware Compatibility
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Nr. Device group Typ Firmware BCS-2®-Version
1 Bookeye® 4 (First Generation) V2 [5.80] 6.0.38
2 Bookeye® 4 (Since Second Generation) V2 [6.88] 6.0.43
3 Bookeye® 4 V2 [6.88] 6.0.43
4 Bookeye® 4 V1A [6.88] 6.0.43


The recommendations refer to the app support of the scanner, since BCS-2® interacts with the scanner using a different communication technology (http-get). If only start-at-device support is required, more recent firmware versions can also be installed.

3.2 Features
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  • Scan start over:
    •  Foot Switch
    • Buttons
    • Touch panel
    • BCS-2® Application
  • DocModes selection (V mode, flat mode, Auto mode)
  • Format selection
  • Selection of colour depth
  • Selection Resolution
  • Control and adjustment of all available scanner settings

3.3 Scanner Settings
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3.3.1 Calling up and adjusting scanner settings

In the standard toolbar interface, you can access scanner-specific settings by pressing the gear button or from the Scanner Settings menu in the Scan menu:



All available settings of the device are displayed as value fields, sliders or drop-down menus:


In front of the value fields and sliders there is a small icon, if you stay with the mouse on the icon, a balloon with information about the respective setting and the actually intended default value is displayed.


So you can change a specific setting at any time and later restore the default value. In case of doubt, please consult the documentation of the manufacturer or contact ImageWare support.

3.3.2 Initial setup of a Bookeye-4 scanner

When setting up a Bookeye® 4 scanner for the first time, a few settings must be taken into account so that scans are displayed in the application without error messages or strange-looking image fractals. The most important settings for this are marked in red in the figure above „Calling up and adjusting scanner settings“:

Despeckle Mode

The function should be set to „Do not despeckle the image“. It is a post-processing function of the scanner that is applied to the image before the scan arrives in the application. We recommend to work with a pure image capture, as all scanner features for image enhancement are also available in BCS-2® as post-processing functions, so that you always have control over the appearance of your image.

JPEG should not be selected as file format, as this creates strange looking lines in black and white images, like a pattern in the background of the image.


 File Format

The manufacturer sets the PDF format as default, but in conjunction with BCS-2® this leads to an error message that is only displayed when the scanner history is active (BCS-2® Configurator – Scanner Settings tab – Activate Display scanner messages in history). Without history it looks as if nothing happens although the scan was triggered. BCS-2® does not process the PDFs and requires pure image formats when scanning or importing. We recommend to set the format to TIFF, since BCS-2® saves each image internally as uncompressed TIFF. The desired final format is generated when exporting or saving. (See also: „Known error messages“ in the lower section)


Document Size

This is where the format size in which an image is generated (e.g. DIN-A4, maximum format of the scanner, or automatic recognition) is defined. Depending on whether you have started a preconfigured app, this entry may have changed at startup. We recommend the settings „Automatic detection“ (Auto format) or „maximum, landscape“ (Max format).

3.3.3 Start at the device

If you want to enable the Start at the unit automatically after starting BCS-2, you have to enable Start at the unit in Administration/General Settings/Scan2Net.  In this case the corresponding checkbox under Scan is already set.


The scanner settings under Scan Mode should always match the settings stored in the BCS-2, i.e. if Direct Start is selected under ScanMode, Start at Device must be deactivated in the Scanner tab.

If Start at the device should not always be used, then the settings should be activated manually via the Scan menu after each start of BCS-2.

3.3.4 Saving scanner settings

There are two ways to save scanner settings:

  1. Via the scanner’s own function in Scan2Net (login as power user via web browser, section „Resets & Defaults“) as shown in the picture here:


2.  Or within the BCS-2® Office application via the menu Scan – Save Scanner Settings:


Save Scanner Settings

The saved values can also be loaded as default at each program start, provided the option has been activated either in the BCS-2® Office Configurator or in the application.

Once the function Load saved scanner settings automatically on opening is activated, this information is displayed each time you select a device for which BCS-2® has saved values available:



Or a corresponding note that no saved values are available for the selected device:


3.4 Touch Panal Layout
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For the Bookeye 4 touch panels, ImageWare provides a standard layout with the most important scan and post-processing functions of ImageWare:


The layout can be adapted to customer requirements, according to time and effort.


The installation on the scanner is taken over and carried out by the respective service provider.

3.5 Using Touch Panal with BCS-2
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Please note that the manufacturer has usually designed the touch panel applications (app) for self-service and in the context of BCS-2 requires so-called http-get commands behind the corresponding functions. The use of the standard BCS-2 app must be enabled as follows:

In the BCS-2 configuration menu on the Basis tab, you must activate the „Activate Server Mode…“ function. The port specification via which communication between the app and BCS-2 is established is important when configuring and uploading the app to the scanner. The default port is 7777.


For a detailed description of how the application is configured and set to active in the scanner, see BE4-Express Touch Panel Installation.

 iwi0354_g64_v01The description of the touch panel installation is a protected area. Please ask ImageWare Support for access to it.

3.5.1 Known error messages

Could not load Image: The file format „PDF“ is selected in the scanner settings, but BCS-2® does not import this file format. The file format should be set to TIFF. Please note that this message is only displayed in the scanner history, which must first be activated in the Configurator.


License is invalid/ Bookeye does not match the license..: There are two possible causes for this error message:

  • The wrong scanner type was connected
  • BCS-2® was terminated abruptly and restarted. The scanner is then still in a timeout and cannot be reached by BCS-2.  This happens, for example, if the application is supported while the device was in „Start-at-Device“ mode. Restart the scanner, or wait 5 minutes for the scanner to timeout automatically. If the license is still not found, it can be reactivated via Manage/License Import.


After scanner or mainboard exchange the license does not work anymore: This can have several reasons:

  • The license procedure runs on scanner serial number. When the scanner or mainboard is exchanged, the serial number has changed and no longer corresponds to the originally licensed serial number. Please contact ImageWare Support, you will receive a replacement form in which you officially confirm that you want to change the license and that the dive is legal. If you provide us with documents that can confirm the part or scanner exchange, this is very helpful and can speed up the procedure. If you are not our direct customer, ImageWare reserves the right to contact the manufacturer and check your information if necessary.
  • After a repair or a new delivery, the network address of the scanner stored in BCS-2 might not fit anymore. Please check this and change it in the scanner or application accordingly.
  • After a factory repair, the manufacturer may install the latest firmware on your scanner, but this may not have been released in conjunction with BCS-2, causing communication problems. Please check the table at the beginning of this chapter about released versions.


Although values are stored in BCS-2, the settings change with every program start:

The configuration file could not be updated due to lack of write permissions of the current Windows user. Usually the application is installed as administrator for all users, but it is still necessary to grant write and read rights to the user accounts in the program, data and job directory. Please check the write permissions in the BCS-2 data directory, for standard installation under :


The scanner settings are saved as :  <identifier>caps.xml

Alternatively, the function „load saved scanner settings automatically when opening“ in the Scan menu is not set active.

The scanner cannot be calibrated via the BCS-2 Scanner App:

This is correct, as our application can also be used as a self-service system in connection with BCS-2 Express, we found it better for the safety of the scanner that a user in self-service mode does not have the possibility to accidentally switch to the configuration menu. A device calibration must therefore be performed via the BCS-2 PC, or via another PC that can access this device.