2. Barcode Allocation
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The selection and assignment of the barcode areas to the defined indices is done in the Office application. To do this, a new job must first be created for the corresponding workflow and a scan must be made of a representative sheet with barcodes.

Using the menu item Assign Barcode Areas in the Job menu, the dialog for the recognition and assignment of the barcode areas can then be called up.

2.1 Create Barcode Areas
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The Viewer of the dialog shows the current scan and the automatically detected barcode areas.


If no barcode area was detected, a barcode area can be created by marking (right click and drag) the desired barcode area.


Superfluous barcode areas can be deleted by clicking on the Remove current selection button below the viewer, after a query. To do this, the area to be deleted must first be selected in the viewer.


With the button Remove all selections all created barcode areas can be removed, afterwards the desired areas can be marked.


It is recommended to create the areas generously around the barcode to allow a certain amount of leeway. This way the barcode will be recognized even if it is not exactly on the same place in the image, e.g. because the sheet has been placed slightly offset.

2.2 Allocate Barcodes
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By selecting an area, barcode recognition is activated and areas can be assigned to an index.

If the barcode recognition is successful, the area is highlighted in green and the value of the barcode is displayed in the Recognized Barcode field as long as the area is selected. Using the drop-down list below the viewer, the desired index for this barcode area can be selected and assigned to the selected rectangle using the Wise Index to button. The assigned index is then displayed in the area.


Using the buttons below the viewer, the areas can be assigned to an index or deleted.


Once all barcode areas have been assigned, the dialog can be closed with the OK button. In order to accept the data and to activate the automatic assignment, the Office application must be restarted.


For optimal automatic barcode recognition we recommend scanning in fixed formats and positioning the barcode sheets as accurately as possible for the scan.