in short form “TV” is a desktop-sharing software, which allows other users to log-on your PC, via secured connection. It’s predominantly designed for presentations and remote maintenance service.


Sometimes it is difficult to explain some configurations for windows or other software over telephone, or to find an easy-understandable manual; some special problems even only appear under special circumstances, which can’t be reproduced at a different site. Because of this, technicians do expensive service at a customer’s site just to change a simple adjustment.


To avoid this, we use TV, so the technician can see your configuration directly without being physically there. No software will be installed, only a small file has to been executed, which allows to display your desktop on another PC anywhere in the world. If your PC is protected by firewalls or other security systems, you don’t have to change the settings for using TV; as long as your PC has an internet connection, TV is mostly capable of managing a connection.


The remote- session can be terminated at any time from both sides, and you can watch in real-time what changes and steps the technician does, and what files he’s looking at. Also the transfer of other files between the PC’s is possible. TV can be operated from multiple operating systems, like Microsoft Windows®, Linux or Mac OS®.


Link to the ImageWare TeamViewer Download


Installation instructions

After confirming this document, you will receive a small file, which you have to execute on the PC you want to be accessed remotely. You only have to execute the file; it will not install itself or anything, or create registry entries.


You will see an ID, which has to be disclosed to our technician via mail or phone. The password is not indicated, it’s only known by our technicians to grant access only for them.


Please delete the file after a successful remote session.