The scan software BCS-2® enables the simple control of various book and overhead scanner via a uniform BCS-2® interface.

With BCS-2® the integration of scanners in production processes, eg. the Medea3- and MyBib eDoc® -environment is also possible. Users of the scanners can ask their hardware suppliers or ImageWare Components about the connection of the models to the different BCS-2® products an versions.

Connection of additional scanners via TWAIN

Scanners, which are not listed, that have a TWAIN driver (Standard-TWAIN-Version 2.3.), can also be operated with BCS-2®. The range of functions results from the respective scope of the TWAIN driver. ImageWare Components GmbH does not warrant or support any TWAIN drivers and special tools/utilities of the respective manufacturer.

Connection of additional scanners via BCS-2® Plug-in

Scanner without a TWAIN driver, which are alternatively equipped with API / SDK / special interface, can be connected to BCS-2®, on demand, via a BCS-2® Plug-in. Benefits include faster data transfer, an ergonomic scan workflow and a direct connection to the workflow management system MyBib eDoc® an the the presentation and provisioning system MyBib eL®