Catalogue Enrichment

Catalogue Enrichment with MyBib eDoc®

In the context of catalogue enrichment MyBib eDoc®adds, in an automated procedure, further information to catalogue entries of a library catalogue. Catalogue enrichment is more than the regular descriptive and subject cataloguing because it includes for example the scanning of tables of contents and OCR.

No duplicates and avoiding duplication of work

The MyBib eDoc® workflow ensures amongst others a duplicate check, a data synchronization with the catalogue of the German National Library and the respective library system is initiated before the scan thus ensuring that no duplicates are scanned and integrated. The MyBib eDoc® statistics functions provides transparency about the respective production status and an overview of the scanned TOCs or registered pages and performed OCR. The contents are fully indexed because of the OCR processing.


The feeding of data into different catalogue systems and the Web OPAC facilitates a targeted and successful literature search and increases the visibility of the own library collections.

Success Stories/User Reports