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In context of the mass digitisation several hundred up to many thousand pages are scanned daily. The aim is to bring logistical challenges in line with library requirements, such as

  • Organisation of a workflow with many parties
  • Integration of mass digitization into the “daily business”
  • Complete workflow control

MyBib eDoc® is a control system that coordinates, controls and monitors all requirements and procedures in the context of mass digitization, for example

  • Registration and documentation of scans processes and process dat
  • Control of the digitisation process and the post-processing
  • Monitoring of the returning procedure and the transmission of images and structure data for further use (possibly long-term archiving, among others)

Success Stories/User Reports

Within the collection and retro digitisation MyBib eDoc® controls all processes of a structured and transparent image and full text digitisation.

In order to provide digital data for scientific use, to allow global access and to preserve endangered pieces for posterity, the requests from libraries and archives are considered as well as the DFG guidelines. For the presentation of digital collections MyBib eDoc® provides interfaces to the presentation systems (platforms) MyBib eL® and Kitodo (Goobi).