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is an intuitive scan software to digitise printed material and microfilms/microfiches. The solution, which is especially used in the self service areas of libraries, is characterised by a clear and concise designed user interface.

The customisable interface makes BCS-2® Express attractive for each application and by focusing on the key features and large controls (buttons) the program is self-explanatory.

Illustration: Example of a BCS-2® user interface with scan ( authotithy: “Liebesfrühling” F. Rückert, Sauerländer Verlag Frankfurt/Main)

<a href=”#Application_areas”> <strong>Application areas </strong></a>

  • scan in self-service area of libraries, archives and public institutions
  • decentralized scanning in companies

<a href=”#Advantages”>Advantages</a>

  • easy and fast operating
  • self-configurable interface with self-explanatory buttons
  • minimal administration effort

<a href=”#Functions”>Functions</a>

  • automatic and manual post-processing functions
  • Image Plus function: automatically corrects the reading direction, the skew and clips black boarders = THREE post-processing steps by pressing just ONE button!
  • despeckle
  • masking
  • page splitting

<a href=”#Connections_to_scanners_and_billing_systems”>Connections to scanners and billing systems</a>

The BCS-2® Express versions are tailored to the controls and features of the connected scanner model or billing system.

Verified connections in use:

  • Bookeye® 2 and 4 overhead scanners from Image Access
  • Canon cameras
  • OpticBook bookscanner A3 and A4 from Plustek
  • billing system RS 250 from Schomäcker
  • microfilm/-fiche scanner MS6000/7000 Konica Minolta
  • other connections are in the test phase

<a href=”#Technical_information”>Technical information </a>

  • operation: touch screen, mouse, keyboard
  • storage formats: PDF, TIFF, MTIFF, JPEG
  • output: USB, hard disk (server), optional: Email and print
  • configuration options: interface, start screen, language, disclaimer/terms of use (e.g. disclaimer with copyright notice)
  • system requirements: Windows 7/8.1/10, 4 GB RAM, screen > 17 inches

<a href=”#User-Reports”> User-Reports</a>

A new IT infrastructure with BCS-2® Express at the National Library of Luxembourg: Recently the scan software BCS-2® Express, designed for self service areas, is in use in the National Library in Luxembourg. BCS-2® Express manages the central control of the book- and microfilm scanners under a unified and multilingual user interface via touchscreen.

The particularities of the Luxembourg BCS-2® Express application lie in the connection to the Follow-Me-Printing-System “Papercut” (account-bound print job management) and the connection to the library system ALEPH from ExLibris. At the same time the use of inexpensive and standardized card readers is enabled through the integration of the Windows smart card subsystem.

BCS-2® Express: Nouvelle infrastructure informatique à la Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg

BCS-2® Express report b.i.t._1_2015_EN

<a href=”#Specials”>Specials: Video Tutorials</a>