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is an established scan software for digitising, post processing and electronic publishing of all kinds of bound and printed materials.

Overhead-, flatbed-, document- and microfilm scanners, copiers as well as digital cameras can be controlled via a uniform user interface. The results of scan processes can be transferred seamlessly to the workflow management system MyBib eDoc® or the presentation system MyBib eL®.

Since 2015 there are NEW BCS-2® scan software versions with BCS-2® Express and BCS-2® Professional, these are perfectly tailored for the respective applications and will gradually replace the classic variant.


Example of a BCS-2® Classic user interface

<a href=”#Application_areas”>Application areas </a>

  • creating digitised data
  • scanning in self-service areas of libraries, archives and public institutions via touchscreen
  • publishing on the Internet/Intranet
  • connection to e-mail systems
  • connection to CMS, DMS, archive and workflow management systems

<a href=”#Advantages”>Advantages </a>

  • uniform user interface for controlling a multitude of scanners and cameras
  • order-based management and processing of scan jobs

<a href=”#Features_and_functions”>Features and functions</a>

  • user defined scan formats
  • batch scanning of document batches, chapters or books
  • black border removal and deskew
  • automatic rotation after scanning
  • zooming, rotating, inverting
  • adoption of cut-outs or all images in other Windows applications
  • thumbnails to display all scans of a scan order in a small format
  • format adaptation of different original sizes to a target format
  • flexible cropping, masking and page splitting
  • MAPI interface for emailing and faxing of scanned documents directly from BCS-2®
  • multi scan module for the connection of multiple scanners
  • format converter for GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF
  • scan profiles for different types printed material
  • single print or print of entire jobs as well as print parallel to scan
  • allocation of individual watermarks

Original image: In the original image the original is set very oblique. The ImageSuite calculates the book fold and outline of the submittal (dotted line). The image is then cropped based on these lines.


Result: Result of the operation are two individually cropped images.

<strong><a href=”#Order_management”>Order management</a></strong>

  • integrated order management
  • export, as well as (re-) import of orders
  • adjustment to own requirements through self-definable order types
  • definition of job indices for metadata capture
  • post processing, printing and deletion of scan orders
  • inserting and deleting single images within a job

<a href=”#Integrated_modules”> <strong>Integrated modules </strong></a>

  • ImageSuite
  • Electronic Endorser
  • Import-Module
  • Multi-Masking-Module
  • Web-Publisher-Module

<a href=”#Options_of_BCS-2_Classic”>Options of BCS-2 Classic </a>

  • barcode recognition
  • PDF, PDF/A, searchable PDF
  • OCR (via ABBYY engine)
  • transaction module for the definition of actions which are performed in a batch
  • report generator for customized reports
  • IndexSuite for individual metadata capture
  • Export Suite for customised output of documents, including metadata in varying formats as well as for launching external applications

<a href=”#Technical_information_about_BCS-2_Classic”>Technical information about BCS-2 Classic</a>

Export formats

  • TIFF, Multi-page TIFF
  • PDF, PDF/A-1a and PDF / A-1b


  • Windows 7/8.1/10

Languages of BCS-2® Classic

  • German, English
  • further on request: Via the BCS-2® language module the adaption of other languages is possible at all times.

<a href=”#Connections_to_BCS-2_Classic”>Connections to BCS-2 Classic</a>

  • overhead scanner: Bookeye® (Image Access), OS 12000 (Zeutschel)
  • document and flatbed scanner: Avision, Canon, Fujitsu, HP, Panasonic, Plustek
  • microfilm scanner: Canon, Minolta, Kodak
  • digital copier: Canon, Ricoh
  • digital SLR cameras: EOS (Canon)
  • others on request