More than 4.000 installations worldwide make BCS-2® an established scan- and capturing software for libraries and scan service providers.

 New functions a modern design and clear structures characterize the new BCS-2®. After the complete redesign of the software BCS-2® will be available in four variants:


  • BCS-2® Express for self-service-areas (WalkUp)
  • BCS-2® Office for the office work
  • BCS-2® Standard for standardized workflows in scientific libraries
  • BCS-2® Professional for extensive indexing, (post-) processing as well as quality assurance of scans


All BCS-2® variants have one thing in common: They run on Windows 7/8 and are tested on Windows 10beta. They have a multilingual interface and uses UTF-8 internally. They are stable for 24/7 use in production and self-service.


BCS-2® Express


Due to the intuitive handling of the software this variant is especially suitable for the usage in self-service areas. A clearly designed user interface, the focus on the most important basic functions and large controls (buttons) make admissions unnecessary.


Because of the adjustability of the surface, the user language and the help information/ function the administrator can individually adjust the interface to the institution-specific requirements.


In conjunction with a suitable kiosk solution for Windows even an unassisted round-the clock operation can be offered.


To increase the usability the individual BCS-2® Express versions are precisely tailored to the various controls and features of each supported scanner model.

Through the low entry price even small libraries have the possibility to offer scanning / photocopying services. Moreover, this “low-budget variant” is a way for larger facilities with multiple locations to install decentralized self-service stations even at low scan/ copy volume.