Combined basic post-processing functions with the touch of a button and optimized scanner connections

The for more than 20 years established scan software “BCS-2®” is now called “BCS-2® Classic”. With the renaming the BCS-2® product relaunch is completed, which includes the new BCS-2® variants “Express”, “Professional” and “Office”.


With BCS-2® Classic various overhead, flatbed, document and microfilm scanners as well as copiers and digital cameras can be controlled under a unified user interface.
In the new Release 3.10 the connection to these hardware components has been significantly optimized. Other benefits include:


  • Optimized functions for more effective digitizing
  • Function extension for a simplified operation at self-service stations
  • Advanced indexing options for metadata
  • Windows10 compatibility


The highlight of the new release is the integration of the “Image Suite”, which was previously an additional paid BCS-2® module. It is now a permanent part of the BCS-2® Classic basic version and offers automatic post processing of scans with the touch of a button; for example the combination of deskew with simultaneous removal of the background and the page splitting.


BCS-2®Classic is used to digitize, edit and electronic publish bound and printed materials of all kinds. Results of scan processes can be transferred seamlessly into the workflow management system MyBib eDoc® or the electronic presentation systems MyBib eL® and Goobi Presentation.