Optimising of scanner connections and coupling to billing/payment systems

Recently the scan software BCS-2® Express, designed for self service areas, is in use in the National Library in Luxembourg. BCS-2® Express manages the central control of the book- and microfilm scanners under a unified and multilingual user interface via touchscreen.


The particularities of the Luxembourg BCS-2® Express application lie in the connection to the Follow-Me-Printing-System “Papercut” (account-bound print job management) and the connection to the library system ALEPH from ExLibris. At the same time the use of inexpensive and standardized card readers is enabled through the integration of the Windows smart card subsystem.


The advantage for the library visitor lies in the use of a “central” card, which is both library card and wallet. With this card, all the services in the library can be paid – e.g. the copy service, the loan or the digitization of documents. But most importantly these cards are valid at the National Library and in the Library of the University of Luxembourg. More…