Intuitive to use, tailored to customer requirements and yet scalable!

The completely redesigned BCS-2® scan software is modular and has an application-oriented user interface. Four options are available:


  • BCS-2® Professional for extensive indexing and (post-) processing
  • BCS-2® Office for the office work
  • BCS-2® Express for self-service-areas


To increase the usability, the individual BCS-2® variants including their control elements are precisely matched to the different application areas and functions of the certified scanner models.
Oberflaeche BCS-Prof_v2


Illustration: Example of a BSC-2® Professional interface with OCR editor in a TEST Workflow using Tesseract.(Original: Textbook and Atlas „Funktionelle Histologie“, 2nd edition, Urban & Schwarzenberg)


Workflows of the BCS-2® Professional version


BCS-2® workflows depict clearly defined business procedures and applications. These are composed of for example job and page index, OCR, meta- and structural data and the transfer to third party system and / or applications which can directly process the data.
BCS-2® Professional users can define workflows themselves or let them be defined by service providers or select from a pool of predefined standard workflows. Typical applications are:


  • Collection and Retro digitization
  • Delivery to/Supplying presentation systems (MyBib eL®/Goobi)
  • Mass digitization
  • Catalogue enrichment
  • National, international and campus-internal document delivery
  • Delivery to/ Supplying e-learning platforms


Features of the BCS-2® Professional version


The new professional version with its job administration provides special functions for service providers and the experts in libraries:


  • Image Plus: Automatic deskew + crop + rotation in one function
  • Automatic segmentation, Multicrop, production of single images
  • Use of different OCR engines (ABBYY and Tesseract)
  • Zonal text recognition
  • Freely configurable and multilingual interface
  • Clear display of all jobs with job information and image preview
  • Flexible job and page indexing to create meta- and structural data
  • Connection to third party systems like MyBib eDoc®, MyBib eL®, Goobi, VZG amongst others
  • runs on Windows 7/8 and already tested on Windows 10 beta
  • Stable for 24/7 use


BCS-2 Professional Oberflaeche_Multicrop

Illustration 1: BCS-2®: Multicrop

BCS-2 Professional Oberflaeche Segmente ermitteln

Illustration 2: BCS-2®: Detect segments

BCS-2 Professional Oberflaeche Segmente_neue Images

Illustration 3: BCS-2®: Insert detected segments as new images